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The Maqhwe Mfula

Your invitation to enter the Valley of 1000s hills

On the outskirts of the City of Pietermaritzburg lies the gateway to a corridor that opens up into the magnificent Valley of a 1000 Hills. It’s a valley steeped in an ancient and indigenous culture which is deep-seated and ingrained within these proud local tribesmen.

The Maqhwe Mfula Race was a way to get people from around the country to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Valley. It is a way for sportsman and women and the locals of the valley can share the the experience  with each other.  The race is based on the themed idea of becoming a Hero of the Valley.

The first time the race will be held will be on the 8th November 2015.


The Maqwe Mfula Challenge can be entered in many different catorgories.  The Multi-Sport event can be entered as a individual where the athlete will do all three disciplines of the event alone.  Another option for the Challenge is to race in teams of 2 or teams of 3. if Racing in teams of two, one member can ride, one can run and a k2 can be used for the paddle.  if teams of three is chosen then each member can race each discipline of the Event.

The social side of the challenge is the Corporate Category where a company can enter a team or individual. The difference is that one team can have 5 members where one member can run 10km then swap to another member to run 15km to swap to a MTB rider and then  the rider taps two paddles to do the paddle leg. The way the corporate team plans there race is up to them as long as during the 25km trail run route members only run, and for the riding route the members ride etc.

The Same entry format can be applied to the Maqhwe Mfula Adventure obviously instead of the paddle discipline it will be another run leg.

With regards to the Trail run, MTB ride and SUP Paddle - They will have to be entered as individuals only.

The fun run is a family event and entered as individual or team

The Maqwhe Mfula Challenge: 25km Trail run; 55km MTB ride; 8km Paddle  - 06h30 Start
The Maqhwe Mfula Adventure:
25km Trail Run; 55km MTB ride; 8km Run - 06h30 Start
The Maqhwe Mfula Trail Run:
25km Trail run only - 06h30 Start
The Maqhwe Mfula MTB Ride:
55km MTB ride only - 09h00 Start
The Maqhwe Mfula SUP:
8 km SUP paddle only -11h30 Start

The Challenge and the Adventure can be entered in teams of 2 or 3 where the teams can race race in relays - ie pass the wrist band or can race together each leg- its the athletes discretion.

The Corporate event is focussed primarily as a large fundraiser to help upgrade the creches along the Dusi Valley.  The Corporate challenge can have a team of 5 where the 1st person/member  can run the first 10km , the 2nd  person run the last 14km and the 3rd person rides the MTB route and the 4th and 5th person paddle in a k2 the dam section.  That format can also be used in the Adventure but instead of the paddle one person will run.

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General Event Details
Sunday, 08 November 2015
KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg