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Sportsmans Warehouse -10km Road Race

Organised by Roodepoort Athletic Club including 5Km Fun Run


Event Date: 09 Nov 2014
Province: Gauteng
Venue: Princess Crossing Shopping Centre Ontdekkers Road Roodepoort
Online Start Date: 21 Aug 2014
Online End Date:  05 Nov 2014
Contact: Charlie Herselman / Steven Morrison
Contact Number: 082 770 1143 / 078 939 1354


Distance & Entry Fee
10km R46
10km Grandmaster 60yrs+ R26
Temporary Licences R21
5km Fun Run R26

Start Time
10 & 5km Fun Run 07h00
CGA Walking event 07h10
Prize giving will be at 08h30

Princess Crossing Shopping Centre Ontdekkers Road Roodepoort

Registration / Late Entries
From 05h30 until start on the day of the race
Safe tog bag area
No licence necessary for Fun Run
Pre Entries will close on 5th November 2014

Results will be available on Internet:

Silver Medals:
To the first 1000 finishers of the 10Km Race
And  200 for the Fun Run at the finish, the rest will be posted.

General Instructions (10km Race)
The race is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and CGA. Athletes indemnity the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organizers of the race against all and any actions of whatsoever nature whatever same may be arising out of their participation in the race

The 10km walk is a official  Central Gauteng Athletics walking league event. Walker / W and age category tags must be worn (front and back) and they must start with the walkers

1. One-lap course
2. Two refreshment stations
3. Distance markers every kilometer
4. No seconding allowed
5. Registered athletes must be a member of a club affiliated to ASA and wear club colours and two 2014 license numbers (back and front.)
6. Temporary licenced athletes must wear the issued temporary licence on the front and plain clothing.
7. Athletes must be at least 15 years old on the day of the race.
8. Numerical age category ID tags must be worn on the back and front of vest by athletes competing for a category prize.
9. Proof of age must be provided to race officials on the day of the race if required.
10. No cut-off time
11. Wheelchairs welcome. Terms and conditions apply
12. 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts / prams which are mechanically or manually operated by Participants, are permitted to participate without the special permission of the  race organisers and traffic authorities.
13. Athletes will be eligible to win an open prize plus a prize for the age category that  they are participating in.
14. No athlete can qualify for any prize unless wearing a licence or temporary licence.
15. Walkers welcome
16. Athletes not allowed to participate with pets.
17. International athletes must provide a clearance letter from their Country of origin to the referee in the event of them winning a prize.
18. Athletes are only eligible for prizes if they fill in the sticker comprehensively

Hand Delivery
Sportsmans Warehouse (Princess Crossing)
Sportsmans Warehouse (East Rand Mall)
Sportsmans Warehouse (Four Ways)
Sportsmans Warehouse (West Rand Crossing)
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Event added: 25/10/2014
General Event Details
Sunday, 09 November 2014
Gauteng Province, Roodepoort
Map of Event Start