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Pirates 10km Run / Walk

Buffs To The First 400 Pre-entries ( Sponsored By Magwitch)
Medals To The First 1700 Finishers
Offical CGA Walkers League Race
Secure Tog Bag Area Provided

Event Date: 06 Jul 2014
Province: Gauteng
Venue: Pirates Club, Braeside Road, Greenside
Online Start Date: 14 May 2014
Online End Date: 30 Jun 2014
Contact: Tracy / Matthew
Contact Number: 078 532 7440 - 073 264 9496 / 072 264 9496


Distance & Entry Fee
10km R62.70
10km Grand Masters 60yrs+ R36
10km Blind Runners - Free
Temporary Licences for 10km - R21

Start Times
10km Run 08h00
10km Walk 08h10

Pirates Club, Braeside Road, Greenside

Pirates Club: Saturday 5th July 2014 from 10h00 to 14h00
Pirates Club Shop - Saturday 8am to 12pm
Sunday 6th July 2014 from 06h00

Will be available on the internet 14-21 days after the race

1. The race is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and CGA.
2. Athletes enter on condition that they indemnify national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organizers of the race against all and any actions of whatsoever nature, whatever  same arising out of their participation
3. Registered athletes must wear their 2014 license number back and front.
4. Temporary licensed athletes to wear plain clothing with the issued temporary licence number back and front, no advertising allowed
5. Competitors must be 15 years of age or older on the day and ensure they are medically fit to participate.
6.  Numeric age category tags must be worn  (front & back), and clearly visable. Juniors to wear "J". Walkers to wear "walker"   Temporary licensed athletes are eligible for open and category prizes provided they have the age category tag clearly visible front and back,  Proof of age for prize winners will be required and is to be presented to  referees before prize giving. Prizes will be withheld until confirmed
7. International athletes must provide a clearance letter from their Country of origin to the referee in the event of winning a prize
8. No seconding is allowed
9. Wheelchair Athletes welcome, T&Cs apply. Please contact race organisers
10. No blade, cyclist or mechanically operated device allowed in the race
11. No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts / prams which are mechanically or manually operated by participants, will be permitted to participate without the special permission of the race organisers and traffic authorities.
12 We regret thet Athletes are not allowed to participate with pets (i.e dogs)
13.Traffic officers and officials must be  obeyed at all times
14. Athletes are only eligible for prizes and CGA walkers league if ALL information on the race entry is correctly completed

. Prize giving at 10am
. Cutoff time 10:20 am
. Online entries close 30th June 2014

Tracey 078 532 7440 / 073 264 9496
Matthew 072 208 7110

The Sweat Shop Fourways, U4A Fourways Crossing, Sunset Boulevard, 011 467 5966
The Sweat Shop, Dunkeld Centre, Jan Smuts Avenue 011 325 2567 / 8
Randburg Runner, Manlam Court, 5th Street Linden. 011 888 9644

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Event added: 26/05/2014
General Event Details
Sunday, 06 July 2014
Gauteng Province, Johannesburg