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Pam Golding Properties Spring Health 10 & 3km Fun Run

Includes the Athletics SWD Walking Trials
Held under the rules of ASA and ASWD
This event is timed by electronic chip. NO CHIP NO RESULT

Event Date: 24 Sep 2014
Province: South Western Districts
Venue: NG-Kerk Moedergemeente, Courtenay Street, George
Online Start Date: 05 Aug 2014
Online End Date: 21 Sep 2014
Contact: Enquiries
Contact Number: 083 477 4780 / 082 483 8765 / 083 376 7414


Distance & Entry Fee
10km Licensed Athletes R41
10km Unlicensed Athletes R74.10
(Temp License included)
3km Fun Run R20 - entries on race day only
(no temporary license required)

Start Time
10km & 3km 08:30am

Start & Finish: NG-Kerk Moedergemeente, Courtenay Street, George

The registration to collect the loan timing chip and temporary license for those runners who do not belong to a club will take place on Wednesday 24th September 2014 from 07:00 – 07:50 at the NG Kerk Moedergemeente, George.

Entries for the 3km are accepted on race day at the start at NG-Kerk Moedergemeente, George

Late Entries
Tuesday 23rd September 2014 from 17:00 – 18:00 at Pam Golding Properties Office, 4 Davidson Road, George

1. Start and Finish : NG-Kerk Moedergemeente, George.
2. Drinking stations shall be provided at every 3km intervals or more frequently if weather conditions warrant such provision. Powerade shall be available at the finish.
3. Distance markers will be placed at every kilometre.
4. The cut-off time for the race is 1 hour 30 minutes.
5. First aid is available at the start and the finish.
6. Ablution facilities will be available.
7. ASWD Licensed athlete take note: Forget your chip – you will have to pay R20 to loan one for the race. Lost your chip – you will have to pay R50 for a replacement chip.

Prize Giving
1. Prize Giving will be at 09:45 at NG-Kerk Moedergemeente, George.
2. Athletes are responsible to collect their own prize money or make an alternative arrangement with the Event Organiser.
3. Lucky draw prizes will be forfeited if the athlete is not present.

Race Results

Race Rules
1. Minimum age on race day is 15 years for the 10km and 6 years for the 3km.
2. Athletes must stay on the right hand side of the road at all times, unless instructed differently by the marshals and Traffic Officers.
3. Participants will be eligible for prizes in the OPEN category and the age category for which they have entered provided the relevant OFFICIAL ASWD age category tag or junior tags is displayed front and back. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to SENIOR. (Red age tag or Orange “W” tag)
4. Athletes must participate in their correct club colours and display the ASA 2013 license number on the FRONT and BACK of the vest. All other runners must display a temporary number on the FRONT and BACK of the vest. No advertising allowed.
5. No seconding from cyclists or private vehicles will be allowed on the route. Personal seconding will only be permitted within 1m on either side of a refreshment station.
6. Athletes must give proof of their age at the request of the Race Referee. (Original ID / Birth Certificate / Permanent Residence Permit).
7. All foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 142 and 4.2. Foreign athletes must be able to produce a letter from their respective federation permitting them to participate on race day.
8. No Earphones (IAAF Rule 144.2b), Animals (ASA Rule 21.4.1) or Racers (ASA Rule 21.4.3) allowed on all distances.
9. The race is held under the rules of ASA and ASWD.
All competitors must comply with the rules, regulations and instructions given by officials, marshals and traffic officials. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification. The Race Referee’s decision is final. The race organiser reserve the right to accept / reject any entry received.

Race Timing
A timing chip will be made available, on a loan basis, to all participants apart from ASWD licensed athletes who are to use their current personalised chips. The chip is to be worn on your shoe for the duration of the event. The loan chips are to be handed back at the end of the race in exchange for a medal. Participants will be held responsible for lost or damaged chips or those not handed back as required. It remains your responsibility to return the chip to the race organizer even in the event of not completing the race.
No Timing Chip, No Result.

Gold - First 5 men & 5 women
Silver- Next 50
Bronze - Next 150
Gold - First 20 runners
Silver - Next 30 runners
Bronze - Next 50 runners

No Cheques are accepted.
By Hand:
You can enter and pay at Tekkie Town at the following branches – Garden Route Mall (George), Oudtshoorn, Langeberg Mall (Mossel Bay), Pam Golding Properties Offices (Davidson Road, George) and Top Gear Sport (Meade Street, George). Please keep receipt as proof of payment

I agree not to hold the Nedbank Running Club George or any other sponsors, or any persons assisting in the organisation or holding the race liable for any loss, injury or illness, which I may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of participating in the race, or for any damages to my property or loss of my property which I may suffer directly as a result of participating in the race. I confi rm that this special agreement is entered into for the benefi t of the Nedbank Running Club George, the sponsor and the persons assisting in the organising and holding of the race.

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Event added: 03/09/2014
General Event Details
Wednesday, 24 September 2014
Western Cape, George
Map of Event Start