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Oyster Catcher Ultra

The Inaugural Oyster Catcher Ultra Trail Run 2017 will take place on the well known Oyster Catcher Hiking Trail that start at Mosselbay and run all the way to the Gourikwa Nature Reserve. Due to the popularity of the Oyster Catcher 2 day and 3 day Trail run Trisport added the non-stop Oyster Catcher Ultra Trail run to the calendar. This will give the athletes the change to run the whle 80km in 1 day. The difference of the Ultra to the 3 or 2 day trail run is that it is run in reversed, the race will start in Mosselbay and finish at the Gourikwa Nature Reserve. Included in the Ultra is also the beautiful pristine section of beach between Dana Bay and Vleesbaai, this section is not used in the 3 or 2 day Trail runs. You will run this section during the spring low tide to avoid disturbing the breeding areas of the Oyster Catcher birds that are usually above the high water mark in the dunes. The Ultra will start with the St Blaize Trail run, then the beach section between Dana Bay and Vleesbaai, pass Fransmanshoek towards Kanon where you will then be transferred by boat across the Gouritz river to the jetty of the town, Gouritsmond, where you will then run the last leg from Gouritz River mouth to the Gourikwa Nature Reserve and finish the first ever Oyster Catcher Ultra Trail Run underneath the Trisport Arch and welcomed by the Trisport and Gourikwa Team. Date: 10 June 2017
Race Village: Gourikwa Nature Reserve, Gouritsmond, Garden Route, Western Cape
Event Format: Solo’s Distances: 73 km non-stop from Mosselbay To Gourikwa Nature Reserve
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Event added: 04/01/2017
General Event Details
Saturday, 10 June 2017 - Sunday, 11 June 2017
Western Cape, Mosselbay
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