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The Original Kosmos 3-in-1 (42.2, 21.1 & 10km)

Run The 3-in-1 Or Any Of The Race Combination
Event Date: 08 Mar 2014
Province: Mpumalanga
Venue: Lake Umuzi Lodge
Online Start Date: 24 Oct 2013
Online End Date: 14 Feb 2014
Contact: Willie / Anelia / Bradley
Contact Number: 082 492 2882 / 072 483 7373 / 084 205 6139


Distance & Entry Fee
15 or more 3-in-1's completed = FREE
3-in-1 (73.3km) - R285
42.2km - R136.80
21.1km - R79.80
10km - R36
Temp No - R31

Start Time
42.2km - 06:00
21.1km - 13:00
10km - 17:00

Acknowledgement Of Entry
Runners who supply cell phone numbers will receive confirmation of entry via SMS
Please bring your entry confirmation, ID and proof of payment of registration

Only For 3-in-1 Athletes
All competitors who complete the 3-in-1 race will be given a special T-shirt and athletes completing their 15th or 20th race, a commemorative Dri Mac

Runners who have pre-entered must register before the race at Lake Umuzi Waterfront on Friday evening from 17:00 to 22:00 or Saturday morning from 04:30 to 05:45.
Entry for the 21.1km and 10km races will take place on Saturday from 11:30 to 12:45 and 15:30 to 16:45
Late entries for these races will also be accepted durning these times

Age Categories
The age categories are as follows:Open, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ and Juniors (juniors must supply a proof of age document)
A runner in an older category can also win a prize in the open category
Age categories tags must be worn on the back as well as front of the vest to qualify for a prize

A gold medal will be awarded to the prize winner in each category
Bronze medals will go to all those who complete the 42.2km race and silver medals to those in the 21.1km race
All runners in the 10km race will receive a gold medal

Cut Off Times
42.2km - 12:00
21.1km - 16:30
10km - 19:00

Fun Run
3km - R10 Entries on the day
Start time: 13:15
Medals will be awarded to all who finish the race

For more information contact:
Willie: 082 492 2882
Anelia: 072 483 7373
Bradley: 084 205 6139
Regarding entries please speak to Corne Hattingh  083 289 2544

For accommodation enquires please call 017 3441/52

I hereby declare that all information furnished is correct i herby indemnify the organisers, medical personnel and all other parties involved from any claims which may arise due to my participation in this event.
I participate at my own risk and run under the ASA rules.
NO ipods or earphones will be allowed
Last update on this event: 16/01/2014
Event added: 16/01/2014
General Event Details
Saturday, 08 March 2014