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Lisboa Triathlon

The Lisboa Triathlon features two races in two different distances.

The Olympic Plus race is exactly half the distance of the half ironman distance race and this is why we call it "Olympic Plus", it's a little longer than the regular Olympic distance races.
In the Half Ironman distance race you have a chance to place in the general classification (placement in general classification for all individual divisions is what determines who wins the cash prize winners, not the elite or pro division) and in one of the many divisions to your choice.

Age-groups – This is probably the more "traditional" of all divisions and one in witch you compete according to your sex and age group that changes every 4 years, starting at 20 – 24, 25 – 29, 30 – 34, 35 – 39, and so on.

CEO – Is an individual division for participants in top jobs, such as, CEO's, CFO's, Administrators, business owners, General Managers, etc., etc.

Corporate / Relay division – This is the division for teams competition; you may register as a company name or as a club or organization. To participate in this division their must be at least two participants in which case one of the participants must do two segments or up to three participants in witch case each participant must do alone one of the segments.

This race features 950 m swim – 45 km bike – 10.5 km run and it is exactly half the distance of the Lisboa Triathlon and takes place in the same venue at the same time and with the same rules, the only difference is the distance.
14 minutes ( in 2014 - the difference from the 2013 race ) before the man, the average difference between elite man and women that race the Olympic distance.


The new event will be launched in the 2014 edition and it will take place on friday before the race (May 2nd) at  Kids can also participate without their parents by paying a 5€ fee. The first editon will be

The race Venue is located in the heart of Lisboa and the International Airport is just 3 k away, it is a race with very easy access from all major airports.
Despite the early date, Lisboa is able to offer participants great weather conditions; we average 24 to 26º Celsius on race day and only had a rain day in the past eight editions. The water temperature is usually between 18º and 20º Celsius, wetsuit legal.

The swim is in a unique artificial lake,  The Bike course is in a 100% closed to traffic freeway at a very fast pace and it is done in 4 laps of 22,5 Km. the road lanes are very wide allowing for a drafting free event.

This unique in lap race course makes it for a very spectator friendly Venue and a chance for friends and family members to see their loved ones competing and going by them, an unprecedented in these races 10 TIMES!!

The expo starts on Thursday before the race (always on a Saturday) and we have a few activities for the youngest to keep entertained while participants visit our partners and shops.

This event is free and open to everyone. The first to show up will win a free event t-shirt, all you need is your bike and helmet and 45 minutes of your time to take the ride with us

See you in Lisboa!

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Saturday, 03 May 2014
International, Lisbon