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Jump City Challenge JHB 2016

Joburgs favourite challenge returns on the 6th of March 2016

For the 5th time in as many years the ultimate in urban adventures will be returning to where the city began in Newtown Joburg on the 6th of March 2016. This exciting concept in racing takes athletes above and beyond any race that has ever taken part within the city.

The Jump City Challenge is an inner city obstacle race that takes you through some of the Joburg’s coolest destinations and landmarks while having to conquer obstacles along the way. The organisers of this year’s race have added 2 new exciting categories in addition to the already existing 10km Rat Race category in the form of a 6km Charger, the 15 - 20km MTB X and the Dual. MTB lovers will go crazy for this challenge as it provides eager MTB enthusiasts to cover the best parts of the city and the existing route by bike before taking to the 10km Charger category.

The focus of the event is and always has been on bringing people back to the city to experience it and to offer a speed tour of our ever changing urban landscape. Athletes will be taken through 1.2km of the Museum Africa, 2.1km of Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, 500m inside the Old Bus Factory and 2km through the Chamber of Mines. Other features on route include Mary Fitzgerald Square, the Old Post Office and the Old Library just to name a few.

Although the course is designed to accommodate all levels of athletes, eager enthusiasts will be put through their paces alongside their peers as they take to the obstacles on route. There is no shortage of fun to be had as athletes skittle up 6 stories outside a building, race through the custom built maze, hurl themselves over a series of high walls or find their way through an empty basement 4 stories below our city along a lifeline in complete darkness. In total there are over 24 obstacles on route, assistance is welcomed from fellow cheery participants before.

The event will be hosted with Start / Finish from the iconic Newtown Junction built over the old Potato Shed and Joburg’s first railway station. To find out more information or sign up before entries sell out you can visit to experience the city for yourself in a way you never dreamed you could.

Limited entries are available so be sure to get yours and avoid missing out on any action.
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Event added: 22/01/2016
General Event Details
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Gauteng Province, Johannesburg
Shift Concepts
Gaby Stevens
Tel: 011 022 0427
Map of Event Start