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Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure

Don’t have the willpower to get off the couch and into training for Hollard Jozi Urban
Run Adventure? Never fear, here are our top tips to find the perfect “Sole Mate”
quicker than you can say “It’s Go Time!”

Bored of the usual trail runs and races? Want something a little more city and a lot
more gritty? Mark your calendars for the Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure at Marks
Park on 28th May 2016. The Hollard JURA is a race that combines the best parts of
trail running and obstacle courses to form a whole new urban running experience.

Why is life a little better with a sole mate (aka running partner)? Let’s just say that
those that train together (and suffer together) win together! Having someone to
motivate you when when it's cold and wet, or after long day at work can be your first
step to successfully finishing (or even just attending) your first race.

Here are the Hollard JURA’s 5 top tips on finding your “Sole Mate”:

1.  5am vs. 5pm
Are you an early bird or night owl? When 5am hits, are you up and ready or reaching
for snooze? Your running partner needs to have similar feelings and energy levels at
the time of day you want to train so that whether it’s 5am or 5pm you get your
training off to the best start.

2. Location, Location, Location…
When it comes to running partners, long distance relationships never work. Try to
find someone that lives in the same area or someone that trains at the same gym as
you. With less time travelling you can put those extra minutes to better use: getting
some more sleep, adding in extra training time or for grabbing a quick coffee after.

3. Pace Yourself
You don’t want to try and keep up with someone that has run around the block
before you even turned the corner. Finding someone that has a similar training pace
as you, to keep the motivation high and the embarrassment low. If you don't already
know your pace, time your next two or three runs, and average it out.

4. Get Technical
If after begging your family, friends and even your athletic aunt to partner up with you
at the Hollard JURA, you still can’t find a partner, websites like Jogging Buddy are a
great option. Jogging Buddy has a fantastic feature where you can link up with
running buddies that have similar fitness levels, location and goals as you – allowing
you to pick your sole mate from the comfort of your couch.

5. Make it an Adventure
Now that you have finally found someone who just might be the One. Lace them into
entering the Hollard JURA. No matter what your goal the Hollard JURA has a route
made for two. Choose between a 6km fun run or the 12km and 18km adventure
runs. Each distance will feature a variety of inner-city obstacles, detours for those
less muddily inclined and routes that will give each die-hard the chance to climb,
crawl and run through an epic urban jungle gym.

For those that would prefer keeping their runs to and from the bar, the Hollard
Adventure Weekend Race Day Village at Marks Park will be packed with action for
the whole family.

Some fun to look forward to: A mini obstacle course for kiddies, an SAB beer garden
and “Gig Rig”, Joburg’s top food stalls, an ABI family area, and much more. Follow
all the latest news and announcements via social media by following us on

It’s time to grab life by the laces! Entries are open. Entry fees are R249 for the 6km,
R299 for the 12km and R330 for the 18km. Get your nearest sole mate and visit for entries and more information.
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General Event Details
Saturday, 28 May 2016
Gauteng Province, Johannesburg
Map of Event Start