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Great 10K Run & 6K Smart Fun Run

Great Run Series 1
Event Date: 22 Mar 2014
Province: Gauteng North
Venue: Weskoppies Hospital
Online Start Date: 11 Dec 2013
Online End Date: 19 Mar 2014
Contact: Race Organiser
Contact Number: 076 480 3435 / 076 680 4576


Distance & Entry Fee
R46  Great 10K Run
R36  6K Smart Fun Run
R36  Temporary License

Start Time

1. All entrants must be amateurs as defined under ASA rules, and not be under the age of 15.
2. All entrants will participate under the rules of AGN and ASA and its athlete’s responsibility to familiarized them with this rules.
3. Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rules regarding permits and licenses.
4. All entrants must be in possession of valid 2014 license number, which must be worn in the front and back of running vests.
5. And unlicensed athletes must buy temporary licenses for 10k race.
6. All entrants must produce proof of their age to race organisers, and its affiliates before the race.
7. Race organisers, its affiliates and sponsors won’t be liable for theft, damaged to personal properties during the race.
8. Athletes are to consult their own doctor / or physicians for medical clearance before race participation, as such race organisers, its affiliates and sponsors won’t be liable for injuries or death sustained during the race.

Cell 076 480 3435 / 076 680 4576 (Race Organiser)
Tel (012) 372 4932 (O/H) AGN Offices

Entry Forms
The Sweat Shop in Irene, Dunkeld and Fourways Crossing, Running Inn, Run-Away Sport (Pretoria)
AGN Offices Pilditch Stadium
Last update on this event: 16/01/2014
Event added: 16/01/2014
General Event Details
Saturday, 22 March 2014
Gauteng Province