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Gauteng Open Water Championship

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January 2014
Event Date: 26 Jan 2014
Province: Gauteng
Venue: Homestead Dam
Online Start Date: 03 Jan 2014
Online End Date: 21 Jan 2014
Contact: Caroline Vorster
Contact Email:

Start Time & Distance

Saturday Swims 25th
08H00 – 10km (16 & older) ******Cut-off time for this event will be 2h50
12h00 – 1000m Girls 13 & Under & Women 31 & Older
13h00 – 1000m Boys 13 & Under & Men 31 & Older
14h00 – 5km (14 & older) ******Cut-off time for this event will be 1h45

Sunday Swims 26th
08H00 – 7.5km (14 & older) ******Cut-off time for this event will be 2h15
11h00 – 400m Fun Swim (open)
12h00 – 1000m Ladies 13 - 30
14h00 – 1000m Men 13 – 30
14h00 – 3km (12 & older) ******Cut-off time for this event will be 1h10

******Horn will be sound– indicating the end of the race******

Entry Fee
Pre-Entry Fee
400m Fun Swim R50
1000m events R100
3km R120
5km R150
7.5km R180
10km R180
Late Entry Fee ( On The day)
400m Fun Swim R80
1000m events R150
3km R170
5km R200
7.5km R230
10km R230

All finishers will receive a medal

Conditions And Rules Of Swim
1. The event takes place irrespective of weather conditions, unless deemed unsafe by the organizers.
2. If event is cancelled before swim day due to conditions beyond the control of the organizers the cancellation will be posted on ENTRYTIME.COM
3. No refunds will be paid out if event is cancelled. Monies received will be used to cover costs incurred.
4. It is the responsibility of the swimmer to ensure that he/she is medically fit to participate; the organisers and sponsors cannot be held responsible.
5. Swimmers compete at their own risk.
6. Swimmers will only be allowed to swim in the event determined by their age and gender.
7. Swimmers must be able to finish in the allotted cut-off times.
8. The organizers have the right to remove a swimmer from the water failing to meet the criteria as stipulated in point 7.
9. All swimmers are required to wear identity tags/transponder issued by the organizers, finishing without a tag/transponder will lead to disqualification.
10. Only swimming goggles, nose clips and swim caps will be allowed as swimming aids – NO wet suits or other aids.
11. Swimmers not swimming the plotted course and or receive assistance to improve placing will be disqualified.
12. Any swimmers who fail to abide by these rules and conditions will be disqualified.
13. Proof of payment and entry to be shown if any query arises at registration, failing this late entry fees will apply.
14. I also approve the taking of photographs to be used for marketing by the organisers as they see fit.
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General Event Details
Saturday, 25 January 2014 - Sunday, 26 January 2014
Gauteng Province