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Falke Summer Trail Run

Last of the FALKE Seasonal Trail Run Series with endless summer fun & spectacular trails!

Event Date: 06 Dec 2014
Province: Western Province
Venue: Dirtopia Trail Centre, Delvera Farm, on R44 about 10 km from Stellenbosch
Online Start Date: 27 Oct 2014
Online End Date: 02 Dec 2014
Contac: Enquiries
Contact Number: 021 884 4752 /


Distance & Entry Fee
Pre entries
5km – R60
7.5km – R75
12.5km – R95
15km - R105

Late entries (taken on event day)
5km – R70 (no medal, no waterpoint),
7.5km – R90
12.5km – R110
15km – R120

Short Sleeve T-shirt R200
Permanent Amarider Trail Tag R100
(You'll use the Trail Tag at most Dirtopia events and many trails, in the future - Remember NO TrailTag - No time)

Start Time
15km: 07h00
12.5km: 07h15
7.5km: 07h30
5km: 07h45

From 06h00 at Dirtopia Trail Centre

General Information
Pre-entries will receive discount and a medal to the three longer distance finishers!
The refreshment station at the Pepper tree on the longer routes will have Powerade, fruit & nuts and drinks at the finish for all!

Please Note: NO refunds. NO Substitutions. An admin fee will be charged for route changes at registration

Please note: Payments must be received by Tuesday, 02nd December 2014 (when pre-entries close) otherwise your entry will be subsequently cancelled.

Remember if you submit your entry form after the closing date of pre-entries you will required to pay the outstanding fee as it will be regarded as a late entry.

Route Description
The short distances are designed to encourage newcomers, family and friends to participate & the longer distances have great flowing singletrack with a reward of magnificent Winelands views & Table Mountain in the distance.

021 884 4752

Indemnity And Disclaimer

All runners agree to and hereby bind themselves to the following indemnity:

1. The runner  undertakes and agrees to ride the event and use the area entirely at his or her own risk.
2.The runner hereby waives and shall have no claim whatsoever against Dirtopia CC,  Amarider, Delheim, Delvera,  any other land owners, any individual organiser or contractor, official, assistant, helper, representative or agent, the sponsors, any local authority or their employees, hereinafter referred to as the parties, in respect of any injury, loss or damage that the entrant may suffer arising from any injury to the person or property of the entrant, caused directly or indirectly by the negligence, albeit gross, of one or more of the afore-mentioned parties.
3. The runners undertakes not to hold any of the parties liable if he or she or any dependent or his or her estate suffers loss or damage which was caused directly or indirectly from participation on the properties, including, but without limiting the generality of the afore-going, any loss or damage due to physical injury or death or the physical injury or death of another person, or due to patrimonial loss or damage, and in which ever manner the damage or loss was caused, including the negligence of the parties.
4. The runner indemnifies the parties against all liability for above mentioned losses or damages and confirms that this acceptance of risk, undertaking and indemnity is also binding on his or her estate.
5. The entrant confirms that this indemnity extends to the participation of any event, including his or her arrival at the property and departure there from and attendance at any ceremony or function therof.
6. The runner accepts that, without limiting the generality of the afore-going, the parties and the owners or managers of the venue shall accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, howsoever caused, to any person while on the premises or while utilizing the facilities theron, as well as in respect of any patrimonial loss or damage, howsoever caused, suffered by any person while on the premises or while utililizing the facilities theron.
7. Should the runner be a minor, the parent, guardian or adult supervisor of the minor confirms that the minor isr unning the trails on the farms at his or her own risk and indemnifies the parties against claims by such minor.
8. The runner or, in the case of a minor, the parent or guardian, confirms that her or she has read and understands the effect of this indemnity.
9. All or any of the parties may accept the benefits which accrue to them in terms of this indemnity at any time after it has been signed by the participant.
10. I agree to abide by the rules as stipulated by the landowners and the organisers, including the waiver.
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Event added: 12/11/2014
General Event Details
Saturday, 06 December 2014
Western Cape, Stellenbosch
Map of Event Start