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Dolomiti Extreme Trail

Event Length/Duration: 53 km
Venue: Val di Zoldo, Italy

A race, a trail at high altitudes, in Val di Zoldo, Italy, in the heart of the Dolomites Unesco, of 53 km (about 32,93 miles), with an inclination of + 3800 m and of -3710 m. The Val di Zoldo, almost ring-shaped, allows the organization of a circular trail, reaching some of the most spectacular Dolomite mountain chains which surround the Val di Zoldo. The course starts in the area of the San Sebastiano - Tamer; then, from Duran Pass, it continues towards one of the most magnificent massifs of the Dolomites, the Moiazza and Civetta (Unesco, group 3). A grandiose environment, where wide glacial cirques and formed fields alternate, an exciting run along the gigantic basement of the 'Grande Civetta' (La Zuita). Reaching the east side, Mount Pelmo (Unesco, group 1), solitary and majestic, it attracts your sight: it is considered one of the most charming and distinctive mountains of the Dolomites, in some aspects absolutely unique. Southwards, you can admire the Bosco Nero and Spiz di Mezzodì, which completes this magic tour around Val di Zoldo.
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Saturday, 07 June 2014