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Bonitas City2City Marathon

Pretoria to Johannesburg

Join The 2013 Bonitas City2City Marathon which takes place on Sunday 29 September.
The event attracts thousands of passionate local and international runners who are guaranteed a wonderful atmosphere and great sense of camaraderie that truly pulls the two cities together..

Distance & Entry Fee Entry Fee (Closing 14 Sep)

50km: R207.00 21km Licensed Athletes
21,1km: R93.00 Unlicensed Athletes
21,1km: R117.00 10km Licensed Athletes
10km: R65.00 Unlicensed Athletes
10km: R85.00

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Last update on this event: 14/09/2013
Event added: 14/09/2013
General Event Details
Sunday, 29 September 2013
Gauteng Province