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Baviaans to Klein Karoo Tour

Makadas Baviaans to Klein Karoo Tour

Break out! Get Away! Shift a gear down and


We pick you up and transfer you away...
Leaving Cape Town with an Overland Truck on the 19th of March for Baviaans Kloof ...don't miss it!

Pack you trusty steed, cycling gear and sleeping bag and we do the rest.

We stay in beautiful campsites and get catered for, you get to ride the most pristine areas of our country without any pressure, no timing chips, no racing, no cut offs!

We stop at little tea/coffee gardens and eat freshly baked roosterkoek, swim in the pools along the way and just have the opportunity to ride your bicycle, look around, smell, taste, feel......breathe again.

Distances per day on average 45km's
This tour runs from Baviaans through to the Klein Karoo visiting places like Prins Albert, Calitzdorp and Van Wyksdorp.

Our aim is to get you out of the rat race out of the busyness and pressure into a world where you can actually dream inspired again and just unwind...and all of this while doing what you love!
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Saturday, 19 March 2016 - Monday, 28 March 2016
Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Patensie
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