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ArthroChoice Advanced 21.1 Run, 10km Run / Walk & 5.8km Fun Run - 2016

Beanies To The First 1000 Online Pre-Entries On The 21,1km And 10km Races.
Total Prize Money: R10 000
Event Date: 21st Aug 2016
Province: Gauteng
Online Entry Start Date: 30th Jun 2016
Online Entry End Date: 14th Aug 2016
Contact: Marietjie / Race Office:
Contact Number: 082 801 5666 / 076 508 9863 /

Please note! If you are opting to pay via EFT then you have missed the EFT cut off date for this event. Please kindly pay via credit card.

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Distance & Entry Fee
Pre Entries(Closing 14 Aug 2016):
21.1km Run - R 114,00
21.1km Run Grandmaster 60yrs+ - R 57,00
21.1km Run Great Grand Masters 70yrs+ FREE - R 0,00
10km Run - R 79,00
10km Run Grandmaster 60yrs+ - R 57,00
10km Walk - R 79,00
10km Walk Grandmasters 60yrs+ - R 57,00
5.8km Fun Run - R 35,00

Kyalami Equestrian Park,  Beaulieu / Kyalami
GPS: 25.96 96 S. 28.0574 E

Start Times:
21.1 & 10km Run: 7:00am
10km Walk: 7:15am
5.8km Fun Run: 7:30am

Race Numbers Can Be Collected At The Race Venue :
Saturday: 20th August 2016 from 10:00am to 16:00pm
Sunday: 21st from 5:30am - 6:30am

No Refunds

Prize Giving: @ 9:30am

3 Hours i.e. 10:00am.
No marshalls on the road & No more medals for runners who finish after cut off time.


Gold Medals to category winners
Silver to first 150 finishers Sub 90 min in 21.1 km
Silver to first 100 finishers Sub 40 min in 10 km
Medals to all finishers finishing within the three hour cut off time.

Food and refreshments on sale at the finish
Tog bag area
Timing system for 21.1km, 10 km, 5.8 km

Race / Distance Dependent:
5km: Minimum age is 9 years.
10km: Minimum age is 15 years.
21.1km: Minimum age is 16 years.

Route Information
No seconding allowed
No blades, cyclist or mechanically operated devices allowed in the race.
No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts / prams which are mechanically or manually operated by participants, or wheelchairs athletes will be permitted to participate without special permission has been granted from the race organiser.
- All such participants MUST start at the back of the field.
No animals / pets.
All instructions from traffic and race officials must be obeyed at all timesNo earphones, iPods and the like allowed and contravention of IAAF rule 144.2b, may lead to disqualification.
No iPods or other devices which block ears are allowed.
Refreshment tables approximately every 3km

General Information

The event is held under the rules of ASA and CGA.
Athletes indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organizers of the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, whatever the same may arise out of their participation in the race.
All runners participate at their own risk. Athletes must be medically fit to participate and supply the name and contact number of their next of kin on both the race number and entry form.
Licensed athletes must wear club colours and their 2016 license number back and front, with the race number worn on the front of vest. Licensed athletes who do not wear their 2016 license numbers must purchase a temporary license on the day or face disqualification.
Temporary licensed athletes to wear plain clothing with the issued temporary license on the back of their vest.
Athletes competing for category prizes must wear clearly visible age tags on the back and front of their running vest.
International Athletes must provide a clearance letter from their country of origin in the event of them winning a prize.
Walkers competing for Walkers prizes must wear Walker tags on the front and back of their running vest.
Only South African athletes are eligible for team prizes. The domicilium rule applies.
Proof of age for prize winners is required and must be presented to the referees before prize giving. Prizes will be withheld until confirmed.
Only those who have completed all the information required in the race entry/number are eligible for prizes.
No refunds.
Athletes may not run with another athlete’s race number unless by prior arrangement with the race organizer.
The race organizer retains the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission.
Athletes who participate without buying a race entry will be disqualified, will not be entitled to any benefits associated with the race and will be liable for a double entry fee charge. Habitual offenders (those who regularly participate without purchasing a race entry) will be called to a CGA disciplinary.
Licensed athletes not wearing club colours may face disqualification.
Walkers rules apply.
Walkers competing for prize money must wear short pants. Any long pants covering the legs will lead to disqualification.
Blatant running by any walker may lead to immediate disqualification.
Walkers must wear “WALKER” on their race number.
Walkers will start 15 min after the runners.
Objections must be lodged within 30minutes (before or after prize-giving) in writing to the chief referee accompanied by R300.00 which is refundable if the appeal is upheld.

082 801 5666 / 076 508 9863
Last update on this event: 08/08/2016
Event added: 08/08/2016
General Event Details
Sunday, 21 August 2016
Gauteng Province, Midrand
Map of Event Start