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Krkonossky Survival Race

Krkonossky survival is a 20 hour endurance race for teams of 3 in Czech highest mountains Krkonose. The race starts on Friday March 21st at 22:00. Teams visit Control Points (CP's).

Teams can choose if they want to move on snowshoe, crosscountry ski or just on shoes. They do additional activities like rock climbing, short night orienteering run and other special tasks. Some CP‘s could be on interesting places like old mine tunnel, castle ruins or on the highest Czech mountaing. It’s not like in the Alps but still you have to climb to more than 1600 metres above sea. The lowest altitude during the race will be about 500m.

Winter conditions together with quick changes of altitude (and possible changes of weather) make this race hard. Each CP has different value of points (written on a map) and the quickest teams can get up to 20% more. Depending on the order they got to the CP. After a few kilometres teams get to a certain place. From there they have to visit 5 different CP‘s (each about 1km from the mentioned „center“) in mandatory order. The reason is to break up possible crowds of people. There’ll be several different ways „to make“ this. Each path has the same lenght and the same altitude gain. So the row of racers will divert and the chance to follow other teams will become smaller soon after the start. From that point other CP‘s will be voluntary. So people will spread into mountains to see interesting places and to pick up their points according to their fitness and to their ability to orient themselves.

Each year there are a few Czech champions in some endurance sport on the start list. The last winners of Mix category were present European champions in AR from Poland. The limit for the survival is 50 teams. The start list list of the race could be full soon. Organizers reserved some places for foreign teams. Write them if you're interested int this race. Every year there’s a doctor in the race center. There’s a possibility to sleep on floor or in a bed in race center after the race. But it should be announced soon.

Event Length/Duration: 20 hours
Location: Roudnice v Krkonosich, hut Kara (Czech Republic)

Last update on this event: 21/01/2014
Event added: 21/01/2014
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Friday, 21 March 2014