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40th Washie 100 Miler (160km) - 2016

No Person May Use, For Any Reason, The Washie Logo
Event Date: 22nd Jul 2016
Province: Border
Online Entry Start Date: 28th Apr 2016
Online Entry End Date: 20th Jul 2016
Contact: Tracy Mackay
Contact Number: 082 866 7544 /

Distance & Entry Fee
Pre Entries(Closing 20 Jul 2016):
Novice: 100 Miler (160km) - R 660,00
Previous Finisher: 100 Miler (160km) - R 550,00

Enter Here

Start: Halyards Hotel in Port Alfred
Finish: Buffalo Club East London.

Start Time:
17H00  22nd July 2016

Long Sleeve @ R165

Temporary License:
Athletes that do not have a 2016 ASA number have to also pay for a temp license @ R25

Route Information
The first 15km is run as a double loop on the beach front.
There will be more than sufficient refreshment tables provided.
No personal seconds are allowed on this part of the course.
Your seconding team needs to wait for you on the East London side of the main arch bridge at the Marina.
It is strongly advised to start the run with a head- lamp / flashlight as it gets dark before you meet your seconding team.
Any runner being seconded along this section will be disqualified

General Information

The general consensus is that your normal Comrades training is the most important preparation and the Comrades itself is a vital training run for a 100 Miler (although not essential).

On the grounds of weather conditions for the Washie 100 Miler you should include protective gear such as cold weather clothing, waterproofs, goggles, gloves, balaclava, lip-ice, etc., and bring several towels and fresh T-shirts to change into. A source of warm drinks is also advisable.

Registration will be at the start (Halyards Hotel in the Port Alfred Marina) from 13H00 onwards. All runners AND seconds are expected to report for the briefing at the start at 16h00 on Friday 22nd of July 2016.

It is a condition of entry that entrants will provide their own seconds and seconding vehicles and at least 3 seconds are recommended. It is strongly advised that one or more of the seconds are athletic enough to accompany their runner on the road. Runner, seconds and vehicle need to be made as visible as possible for the duration of the event.

DISTANCE, Times  And Cut Offs:
The course is measured and is 100 miles. The finish is at the Buffs Club and all competitors must finish by 19h00 on Saturday 23rd July 2016 (26 hour limit). Athletes will be retired at the 1/4 way after 6 hours and at the 1/2 way after 13 hours. Split times will be given at 25 miles (40km), 50 miles (80km), 75 miles (120km) and at the finish. Spot checks will be set at various points during the race at the discretion of the committee and the race referee.

At the Buffs Club at 10h00 on Sunday 24th July 2016. Bar facilities are available and food will be on sale.

Copies of results will be available at the prize giving and on the Buffs website:

All finishers will receive the following:
(a) A beautiful handmade Washie 100 Miler trophy.
(b) Novices will receive a handsome Washie 100 Miler tracksuit top.
(c) Permanent numbers will be awarded for completion of five journeys or three overall victories together with a Washie 100 Miler tracksuit top.
Rules & Instructions

1. The race is run in strict accordance with the rules of the IAAF, Athletics South Africa and Border Athletics.
2. Licensed athletes are covered by insurance. Refer to BA on 043 722 2427 for further details.
3. All foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2 and ASA rule 4.5.
4. All participants must be 20 years or older for the event and be defined as an amateur under ASA rules.
5. Safety is a priority- runner, seconds and vehicles need to be made as visible as possible with reflective clothing, lights, flashing lights, reflective tape etc.
- Runners WILL be disqualified and removed from course for breach of this rule.
6. Seconding tables are not provided. Personal seconding is a requirement to participate.
7. All entries close at midnight on 20th July 2016.
8. Entries must be faxed to 086 538 1236 together with proof of payment closing 1st July 2015.
9. Monies not refundable for non-participation in the event for whatever reason. Monies not refundable for late faxed entries.
10. All entrants must collect their race numbers, T shirt, temporary numbers from the registration tables at the start between 13h00 and 16h00 on Friday 22nd July 2016

Additional Information:
Information such as route and medical advice can be found here.

Tracy Mackay | Cell : 082 866 7544

Men’s: Johan vd Merwe 13:07:05 (2012)
Women’s: Rae Bischoff 14:53:06 (1998)

082 866 7544

Indemnity Disclaimer
All Participants agree to and hereby bind themselves to the following indemnity:

I am medically fit to participate and fully understand that I enter this event at my own risk and the organisers and their sponsors will not be held responsible for any injury during or as a result of the event or for any loss or damage to property on the course or Buffalo Club property. This event is run in accordance with the rules of the IAAF, Athletics South Africa and Border Athletics. All foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2 and ASA rule4.5.

I state that I have a seconding team and will not expect the organisers or other athletes teams to provide me with seconding assistance.
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Event added: 28/06/2016
General Event Details
Friday, 22 July 2016
Eastern Cape, Port Alfred
Map of Event Start