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19TH Gift Of The Givers Township Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km Run And Walk

Local is lekker, come and join us in the Township
Incorporating the Central Gauteng Marathon Championships.
Only single lap marathon remaining in CGA
Comrades and Two Oceans qualifier (5hrs:00) Easy qualifier – flat and fast.
Event Date: 23 Feb 2014
Province: Gauteng
Venue: Eldorado Park Stadium, Cuming Road, Eldorado Park.
Online Start Date: 06 Jan 2014
Online End Date: 14 Feb 2014
Contact: Joe Morris / Gerhard Van Wyk
Contact Number: 082 44 33 777 / 083 292 9551


Distance & Entry Fee
42.2km R136.80
42.2km Grandmasters 60yrs+ R68.40
Temp Licence R36
21km R91.20
21.1km Grandmasters 60yrs+ R46
Temp Licence R31
10km Run / Walk R57
10km Grandmasters 60yrs+ R31
Temp Licence R21
BP numbers may be requested
Please note that fees are not refundable
4km Run / Walk R25 (Entries accepted on race day )

Start Time
Marathon 06:00
Half Marathon 06:00
10km Run: 06:00
10km Walk: 06:10
4km fun run / walk 06:30

General Information
1. Refreshment stations every 3 kilometres
2. No cut-off time (Qualifier for Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans Marathon - 5 hours)
3.  Secure parking
4. Toilet and shower facilities available
5. Results will be available on the Internet:

Late entries:  Accepted on Saturday 22nd February 2014 from 10h00 to 16h00 and Sunday 23rd February 2014 from 04h30 at the Eldorado Park Stadium, Cuming Road, Eldorado Park.

1. Run in accordance with the rules of ASA and CGA.
2. Proof of age to be produced on request.
3. Marathon runners must be 20 years or older on race day.
4. Half Marathon runners must be 16 years or older on race day.
5. 10km road race runners must be 15 years or older on race day.
6. Fun Run: Open to all age groups.
7. No seconding allowed, as there are ample watering points.
8. Registered athletes must be a member of a club affiliated to ASA and wear club colours.
9. International athletes must provide a clearance letter from their country of origin to the referee in the event of them winning a prize.
10.Temporary licenced athletes must wear plain clothing.
11.The race number must be worn throughout the race on the front of the vest and the 2014 provincial licence number or issued temporary licence number must be worn on the back of the vest.
12. Only top 3 positions for men and women are open. The rest of the categories are applicable to athletes competing for these categories. Athletes must wear their age category tags on the back and front of their vest, clearly visible.
13 .No walkers allowed in the marathon and Half Marathon.
14. Wheelchair athletes are welcome to participate in 10km run / walk road race only
15. No rollerblades, skateboards or cyclists allowed on the route.
16. Regrettably, athletes are not allowed to participate with pets.
17. Walkers competing for prize money must wear short pants. Any long pants covering the legs will lead to disqualification.
18. Entry fee not refundable.
19. All entrants participate at their own risk.
20. Blatant running by any walker may lead to immediate disqualification.
21. Walkers must wear “WALKER”.
22. Three warnings may lead to disqualification.
23. Athletes must comply with ASA domicile rule.
24. Team prizes: Only SA citizens or permanent residents will be eligible.
25. All foreign athletes must comply with rules of IAAF and ASA rule 142.2 and 4.2.
26. All traffic officers and officials instructions to be obeyed.
27. Athletes are only eligible for prizes if all info on the tear-off slip is completed.
28. Athletes are only eligible for prizes in the race they have entered.
29. Objections must be lodged within 30 minutes (before or after prize-giving) in writing to the referees accompanied by R300 which is refundable if the appeal is upheld.
30. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry.
31. "Earphones: In contravention of IAAF Rule 144.2b may lead to disqualification, excluding hearing devices

Marathon / Half Marathon
Gold: Top 3 men & women & all category winners
Silver: Top 200 finishers
Bronze: To all finishers
10km Run
Gold: Top 3 men & women & all category winners
Silver: Top 200 finishers
Bronze: To all finishers
10km Walk
Gold: Top 3 men & women & all category winners
Silver: Top 50 finishers
Bronze: To all finishers

CGA Marathon Championships: additional Gold, Silver & Bronze medals to be handed to the various category winners. CGA Marathon Championships Qualifying Standards:
CGA Marathon Champioship qualifying times:
(Open)                 Vet (40+)             Master (50+)      Grandmaster (60+)
2:25                        2:30                        2:55                        3:20

3:15                        3:30                        3:40                        3:45

T-shirts to all pre-entries only
Pre-entries and on line entries for T-shirts close Friday 14th February 2014.

Directions from Johannesburg – Take the Golden Highway from the N1, follow the Golden Highway to Eldorado park, take the main road, turn right into Eldorado Park, pass five sets of traffic lights on Main Road then turn left into Cuming Road, after 800m turn into stadium.

Directions from Soweto – Travel via the Pimville circle and take Boundary Road, turn left from Boundary Road into Main Road and immediately right into Cuming Road, and proceed to Stadium.

Directions from Lenasia / West rand - Traveling east on the N12 Kimberley Highway take the Klipstruit/Eldorado Park off-ramp. Travel to the Boundary Road intersection and proceed across the traffic light to the next turn right into Cuming Road.

GPS co-ordinance: S26.18179’ E028. 10564 Or 26deg18’ 17, 9”-S. 28deg10’56, 4”-E

Joe Morris
082 443 3777
011 804 0850
Gerhard van Wyk
083 292 9551
010 001 4090

I declare that I am an amateur and agree to abide by the rules of the race as well as the rules of ASA and the CGA. I shall participate in the race at my own risk and hereby indemnify the national and provincial bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against any action or claim of whatsoever nature, whatever same may result out of my participation in the race, or from natural causes.
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Event added: 16/01/2014
General Event Details
Sunday, 23 February 2014
Gauteng Province