About Ndorfin

About Ndorfin?

OK, so what the heck is NDORFIN all about? We’d love to get all airy-fairy about aiming to inspire extreme sport athletes by making adventure ‘sexy’, but we’re usually met with blank stares and the occasional ‘huh’. In it’s most basic form, NDORFIN is a sports media collaboration centred around a web-based, adventure events calendar. Our mission will be to -:

  • provide a extensive range of outdoor and sporting equipment online
  • provide accurate event information for a range of SA events
  • feed adventure news to enthusiasts via a network of sites
  • showcase kick-ass photographs and video footage
  • publish articles and interviews of exploits, expeditions and adventures
  • build a like-minded adventure community

So basically NDORFIN is in the media business, and we aim to do sports media better than anyone else. We have created a number of innovative tools in order to market events, products and sponsors, and these include the following -:

  • a content-managed website
  • an annual, printed adventure calendar
  • an online shop with all your sporting equipment

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